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ponies are stupid, buy a cow instead

well as you all know, a certain pony came trotting into town recently. Though I never met said pony until yesterday, my expectations were quite average and I was set on the fact that she would be a nice individual. Well turns out I was wrong. Not only is my love for ponies tarnished, I no longer wish to associate with said pony in the future. I guess telephones just make ponies more appealing than they truly seem. Oh well, I gave it a shot I guess. =//

In lighter news, one of my bestest friends from middle school who moved to Vermont finally came back this morning! ZOMGZOMG! I haven't seen him in forever and I randomly got a message on myspace and I was so excited. Monday after school we're getting coffee or something, so Monday won't be that bad at all it seems. School is going better, I found out that I'm passing all my classes except for dumb old math class. Though I'm confident I'll pass and graduate, I'm gonna do my best to pull my head outta my a$$ and work work work.

I wish I had a job, a lot of my friends seem to be working like EVERYWHERE I GO! I have friends at the movies, Cold Stone, Walgreens, Bashas, it feels like I'm alone in this world of employment, heh. I guess if I really put my heart into it I could fer sherr get a job, but I think I'm just too lazy. Though I expect to get one before September ends.


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Sep. 15th, 2008 02:17 am (UTC)
I recently applied for a job at my campus's computer center. Hopefully I get it. A job means no social life, but also means bling in the bank.
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