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Well without further ado, I am proud to say that I am writing in LJ once again. I feel as if sooo much of what I do influences those around me like no other. It's probably just cuz of how fierce and fabulous I am, but whatevuhh. Last week we had a sexy battle road tournament and i rocked that shit like no other and took home a sexy Victory Medal. Now, the better half of team watermelon(me and ashley-kinz) have both won. Woot, if only the other two could make it work for them, lol. I was kinda disappointed though cuz bitches kept bringing me down like crazy. But oh well, that was last week, right?

Anyways, I got grounded recently cuz I have like 7 absences in my weight training/PE 3-4 class which is gay. I have like an A+++ so I don't care but my mom was like all suspicious and of course thinks I'm having sex/smoking/drugs/rape/prostitution/orgies/murder. It's almost suffocating me to have to see her face every single day, i feel like one day im gonna lose my mind and start killing everybody out of smite. ZOMG my older step brother bought me this really kick ass pair of true religion jeans <333 so he can live.

Today there was another BR and everyone didn't do that well and I guess something 'happened' (cough) so meh. Juliefoo used my deck and failed cuz of my awesomeness, it's like every deck i use sux in other hands. I felt bad cuz I bet everyone failed without my happiness there. I like MagLeaf(my deck name) but I think I'm gonna change it soon to BlissMortar, just cuz Blissey is hothothot.

Rico is stupid, im gonna shave my head so no one thinks im him. EVER. Valerie+Rico=Equilibrium.


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