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rico is alive


silly days and rico in fat camp

So the other day me, Ashleykinz and JulieWTFoo decided to head up for the amazing Pre-release up in Tuscon Arizona. It was an absolute blast because it changed my whole view on what I thought was a sad 3rd world country located in Arizona by mistake. The city was filled with life and many strange homeless individuals as well as a building that looked like a hallmark explosion because it was sooo colorful and amazing. Julie drove and it was fun through and through. The store, Amazing Discoveries was small and made me laugh cuz it was pretty interesting to be in there. It seemed more like a hang out for artsy people than a card shop really, but it was all good. Ashley's roommate couldnt come but I decided I'd play for him cuz he wants to start playing and it would be a good deal for twenty five dollars.

I didn't pull anything great and felt sad for her roommate but meh. I built my forty card deck and went undefeated HOORAY! And I got an interesting little Weiner pin and a magnet. My last opponent's name was Austin. He was huggable and I wish I remembered him(I know him from somewhere) but I'm sure I'll see him again. He was a great sport and I gave him 1 of my 2 Magnets cuz he didn't win anything I think.

On the way back, lolol we stopped for Pizza at the strange plaza where the names look the same . We then stopped at Ash's house and we saw her mother and papa. They were just precious and her mom made me lol alot cuz of their praying/begging doggie. I ate sooo much, ugh, lol. And I even ate the ugly duckling of pizza slices aka the naked ugly small random one. It made me feel special inside and I was happy. We then went on to play cards and I hated the game, it was sooo weird and strange. It was called rubbi or something odd. I think went on to teach everyone to play ERS and we lold cuz of my slappy fun times.

What a fun and joyous experience.

Shout out to Ashley and Julie, the greatest of people.


i want a goatee

they always appealed to me. Everywhere I went I always saw them on chins of people that were nice. I want one, I even stopped shaving recently to try and achieve this glorious gift upon my face. But alas, 4 weeks it has been and nothing.

i hate pokemon. :)


I always end up irritated by my awful luck and losing money that I could've used to buy more useful single cards instead. But no, I always think that maybe this time I'll get lucky. pre-releases are fun, but when it comes to packs and boxes, WTF?!

I wish I wasn't so nice. I wish I had a back bone and the courage to say what I think.

crazy scissors make people sad

This is my first entry! Hooray!

Well, today I watched a rather depressing movie. It was of course, Edward Scissorhands! 8D It was really nice but very sad and made me upset. Also, Winona Ryder was strange and looked ugly with long strangely blond hair.

Anyways, I'm really bored right now. School today was dumb and I left during my last class since the teacher didn't care much about what we were doing. I hate Deidra, she is an annoying sack of shit and I will beat her with a hammer. Rico is THIS close to being ex-communicated from Team Watermelon. He can be a loser and die somewhere else, where he wont stink up the place. Haha, silly Rico.

I feel as if my last year in High School is crud, I wish I could graduate now, STUPID FUCKING MATH!!! Tehehe, I'm pretty bored. I'm counting the seconds until Julie and Ashley finish their work at school so we can hang out and talk about pokeymanz and stuffz. I really wanna watch a movie right now, a happy and crazy one, like The Lion King or something.

Anyways, this is for Julie.

Gyarados x4
Magikarp x4
Cresselia X x2
Cresselia x2
Claydol x2
Baltoy x2
Unknown P x1
Azelf LA x1

Bebe's x4
Rosy's x4
Buck x4
TM-TS1 x2
POV x4
Night Matinence x2
Warp Point x3
Wager x4

Call x4
Psychic x6
Multi x4


hello, livejournal aaaah

I just got back from Florida!


It was fun and sassy.

Pokemon is the deliciousness. and also srs business.